One Take Film Festival

The ninth edition of One Take Film Festival, international festival of films shot in one take, started yesterday, on October 20, at Cinema Europa in Zagreb. During the three days, the festival will feature 66 one take films from 21 different country (Great Britain, Portugal, Austria, Iran, etc.) 32 of which are entering the main competition.

Date Night, Croatia, 2017

One take films are those shot without interruption, from the moment of turning the camera on to the moment of turning the camera off. The One Take Film Festival eliminates a seemingly indispensable part of a film – editing, and thus prohibits cut, dissolve, fade in or out and all other types of transitions. The festival includes films of almost any genre in its program (documentary, fiction, experimental, music video, commercial, etc.). It also offers many additional events such as additional film program, premieres, lectures, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions.

Invasion, Iran, 2017

The entrance to all film projections is free of charge, for more information about the program visit festival’s web page.