Opera Premieres in Croatian National Theatre in November

The opera of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb has prepared an exciting new season which continues the best works of domestic opera production and presents contemporary works that will position Zagreb as an unavoidable place on the European opera charts.

At the beginning of November, two premieres will be held within 5 days.

The first premiere in the new season is the opera from Josip Hatze ‘Adel & Mara’ on 2nd November. The second show will be ‘Kein Licht.’ which was premiered in September on Ruthriennale festival and was created in co-production of Croatian National Theater and a few other significant European opera houses. ‘Kein Licht’ will be shown on November 7th.

The four-act opera ‘Adel & Mara’ is one of the most prominent works of Croatian composer Josip Hatze and it was created according to Romantic ep ‘Miserable Mara’ that depicts the unfortunate love of two young people, written by Luka Botić.

Opera ‘Kein Licht.’ (of composer Philippe Manoury) came into light according to texts of Nobel Laureate Elfriede Jelinek and commissioned by the Paris Opera Comique. Jelinek wrote the text in 2011, following a catastrophic nuclear accident in Fukushima in Japan. The opera was directed by German director Nicolas Stehmann, and it questions our individual and collective responsibility through global and metaphorical reflections in regards to ecological and political problems. Opera ‘Kein Licht.’ won a prestigious award Fedora 2016 for the best new European opera creation.

Visit http://www.hnk.hr/en/opera/ for more information.