Phillip Zarilli to Hold a Series of Lectures at Academy of Dramatic Art

During the seven-day visit, the worlds famous director and educator Phillip Zarilli is going to hold a series of lectures and workshops at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb as a part of the scientific project ‘How praxis-led theoretical research in art performance can contribute to Croatian science’.

Supported by the Croatian Foundation for Science, Zarilli will hold two lectures based on the latest book ‘(According to) phenomenology of acting’ which is about to get published at the famous London publishing house – Routledge Press.

Phillip Zarrilli is artistic director of the Llanarth Group. He is internationally renowned as a director and performer and is an expert in training actors through a pre-performing psychophysical process utilizing Asian martial arts and meditation skills.

On Wednesday, April 18th, at the F22 Hall in Frankopan 22, Phillip Zarilli will hold a lecture in which participants will discuss the issues of ‘no meaning’ or ‘motivation’ with actors. Two days later, on Friday April 20th, he will hold a lecture at the Great Scene of the Academy of Dramatic Art (Republic of Croatia Square 5) with the focus on the incarnated awareness on the touching point of phenomenology, cognitive science and performance which will be followed by a panel discussion with the public.

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