Photo Gallery and Impressions: Second Day at 11th INmusic Festival

Yesterday the world was celebrating the first day of summer and so did we, but with a cherry on top – we were on the second day of the 11th INmusic, the biggest music festival in Croatia.

Our review of the first festival day focused on the organisational side of things, as well as some novelties at this year’s edition, and today we bring you a ‘short and sweet’ report on the atmosphere of this microcosm that the famous Zagreb lake transforms into during those three days of music wonderland.

As you approach the music lake, you encounter numerous colorful groups of party people, apparently heading in the same direction as you, to be a part of the Jarun lake empire of world-renowned names of good music. Those attending the festival for the first time can just follow the crowds that guide them to the final destination.

The walk around the lake towards the entrance brings you to masses of people finishing their drinks before getting in, creating a Woodstock-like atmosphere – large numbers of individuals in small groups bursting with positive energy that make you want to sit with them and soak it all in.

Past the routine bag control point, you feel that Wizard of Oz element when you realise you are no longer in a familiar, monotone environment, but you’ve stepped into a loud and colorful explosion of people and details flooding the usually quiet and peaceful lakeside.

Visitor outfits are a sight to behold – some people walk around dressed in animal costumes, there are flowers everywhere, glitter and other must have festival fashion accessories.

Each corner has plenty to offer, from food to everyone’s taste, ‘air guitar hero’ tent where you can try out your hidden (invisible, in fact) talent, while Tesla tower is reserved for the much-loved music legend David Bowie, wherein a relatively small space a crowd of people dance ‘like there is no tomorrow’.

A quick visit to the toilet was a fun experience – long lines of portaloos were almost invisible behind queues of people waiting for a free one. But it was a great opportunity to meet loads of new, happy people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Although one of the main headliners SKUNK ANANSIE unfortunately, had to cancel their gig due to illness, the festival audience found some consolation from the local forces. The Zagreb ska-punk band Kawasaki 3p stepped in and was bursting with energy – crowds were dancing to uplifting and frantic music that would make even the hardcore I don’t do this dancing thing kids get up and jump around.

Around 10:30 pm, the vast majority of the Jarun microcosm started moving in the same direction – towards the main stage for the biggest treat of the second day, Florence and the Machine.

Hugely popular with Zagreb audience, the band left them in despair at last year’s INmusic due to cancelling the gig over a technical difficulty of a broken foot.But Florence made up for it last night, giving the fans an experience they won’t forget anytime soon. From the very start of the concert, it was more than clear that Florence was about to take us on an incredible journey. Other than singing some of her greatest hits, joined by the audience singing off the top of their lungs, Florence sent the INmusic main stage into another dimension.

Insanely energetic, at times too fast for the eye while running and jumping from one end of the sizeable stage to the other, she gave it her best.

Communication with the audience was a nice touch, and at one point she shared a story related to a song she was about to perform, asking the audience to leave their phones and enjoy the moment fully.

For those few moments, you could not see a single phone in the air.

And on top of it all, I came home without a spot of mud on my trainers – a new INmusic era!

So make sure you don’t miss today, the last day of the festival – tickets can still be bought at the entrance!

WRITTEN by Vanessa Biljan, PHOTOS by Boris Štromar