Photo Gallery: JustZagreb Party @ Swanky Monkey Garden!

Photo: Boris Stromar/JustZagreb

Yesterday we celebrated our first birthday. A lot of our friends, who barely fit in the space, gathered in the Swanky Monkey Garden bar. Happiness and joy filled the party called Zagreb VS Bucharest. The first part of the evening our guests enjoyed the music of DJ Agregat Sun from Zagreb. He played Zagreb chansons from the vinyl and ‘spoke’ about the music heritage of our city. So every visitor got a valuable lesson on Zagreb, but also a gift from our sponsor, bonbon Croatia. DJ ABISAL from Bucharest was in charge of the second part of the evening. He came to Zagreb to attend classes at Cotrugli Business School, whose guests ‘occupied’ a special place in our heart. They came from all over the region and beyond to learn and celebrate with us. Special thanks goes to them!

The party ended shortly after midnight, but no one was sad, because Zagreb VS. Bucharest is only the first in a series of parties where we intend to present our city and other European capitals to locals and guests. So See you soon, here in Zagreb and at the Motovun Film Festival as well. :)