Photo Gallery: Zagreb Supports the Curriculum Reform!

More than 40 000 people came to Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb to protest for curriculum reform today.

‘The reason is the political attack on the comprehensive curricular reform implementation working group. This much needed curricular reform was created throughout six years in an open, professional and democratic atmosphere, independent from political ideologies, in the public debate attended by more than 60,000 teachers and professors’ explained organisers on the official Facebook page for protest.

‘For those who do not know, last week the head of the working group Boris Jokić and his team had resigned due to the political pressure. Political pressure, in this case, is simple. The Parliamentary Committee has decided to expand the working group by including individuals from the other political options, with the aim to determine what is acceptable and what is not’, wrote organisers of the protest on their Facebook page, while inviting people to this event.

‘It is unacceptable to let anyone to obstruct a project of such importance to the future of Croatia’ they sent the message to the world from all around Croatia. The protest was held in Rijeka, Pula, Slavonski Brod, Krizevci, Split and more cities in the country.

So Zagreb has spoken this evening! The protest finished with the concert of the Croatian punk band Hladno Pivo, who performed and ‘screamed’ for kids, education and for the better future.