A Most Positive Experience at the Positive Concert With Divas and Legends

One of the biggest annual concerts of the year in Zagreb is at the same time one of the most noble ones. Positive concert has, for the last twelve years, gathered the biggest artists from Croatia and region in an effort to rise awareness of the ordeals HIV positive people have to face in their lives and help out HUHIV NGO that provides relief and support to people with HIV and viral hepatitis.

It will take place on December 2nd, a day after World AIDS day, at Dom Sportova hall and will feature some really awesome bands and two divas on the opposite specters of their careers. The diva in the making, as music aficionados like to call Luce, is just starting hers, and once you hear her voice live you get why they call her that. The second one and the definite main act of the evening is Josipa Lisac. An attempt to explain or describe the music, voice, personality, grace, stage presence and life choices of the avant-garde artist that Lisac is, is a futile attempt. She’s an experience onto itself, and one should listen to her if given a chance.

The two bands featured on the concert are legends of their own accord. Rundek Cargo Trio and Bajaga i Instruktori have both, each in their own way, been the most influential bands that came out of the eighties in Yugoslavia and are to this day a fan favorite in all countries that were once a part of the communist federation (Although they’ve lost their edgy counterculture statues a long time ago and are now household names in the music industry here).

They all sing in Croatian, but the music they play is one of those that transcends language barriers and if you’re up for some great music while in Zagreb this week, that’s the place to be, if not for the good deed, then for the positive experience.

The tickets in pre-sale are 80kn and on the day of the concert 90kn. You can buy them online HERE.