A Presentation in Paris, Michelin’s Special Guide to Zagreb

The Zagreb Tourist Board has recently presented a special edition of Michelin’s weekend guide “Le Guide Vert” at the Croatian Embassy in Paris. The guide gives the tourist offer of Zagreb and its surroundings on 145 pages, and it is the first such edition dedicated to Zagreb, currently the only Croatian city covered by the “green” edition of Michelin’s guides. Apart from listing all of the attractions and points of interest in Zagreb, the guide also presents Varaždin, Samobor, and the entire Zagorje region.

The 5000 copies of the guide’s first edition will soon be available in most French bookstores. Its presentation, organised in cooperation with the Croatian Embassy in France and the Croatian Tourist Board, was attended by more than 70 representatives of French tourist agencies and media houses.

French tourists account for a considerable share of the number of arrivals and overnights in Zagreb, and their numbers just keep growing.