Presenting and Discussing the EU Project ‘Port of Dreamers’

Presentation and talk about the EU project ‘Port of Dreamers’ implemented by Dubrovnik Summer Festival and partners SNG Maribor and Kulturanova from Novi Sad will be held on Friday, February 28 at 7 pm in Room 202 at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb.

The event will also present the results of an art lab run by Dragan Markovina, Drago Župarić Iljić and Sara Kekuš in the period February 24-27, as well as the results of a workshop led by musician Maja Posavec with the Domaćigosti Choir and it is open to the public audience. “Migration as a contemporary phenomenon; what about mobility control and the bureaucratization of the migrant experience? ”is the title of a lecture by Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Drago Župarić Iljić prepared for the participants of the art lab. The lecture is trying to link the historical experiences of the economic and political reasons of migrations to the present challenges of mobility and immobility driven by environmental, demographic and other reasons.

Discussion with the participants of the Lab and the person from Afghanistan and the person from Syria who have obtained refugee protection in Croatia will be led by Sara Kekuš, manager of the program Asylum, Integration and Human Security at the Center for Peace Studies. The presentation will also be attended by the artistic director of the project ‘Port of Dreamers’ Saša Božić, drama artists participating in the lab Uroš Mladenović, Nataša Rajković, Ivan Penović, Ivor Martinić, representatives of partner organizations Milan Vračar (Kulturanova, Serbia) and Benjamin Virc (SNG Maribor, Slovenia) as well as the Domaćigosti Choir and musician Maja Posavec.