Recro Bike Service – Rolling Out Self-Service Repair Stations

For all the cyclists out there! The launch of 12 solar bicycle repair stations ‘Recro Bike Service’ started in the area of nine cities and three municipalities of Zagreb County.

The ‘Recro Bike Service’ is an original product that was designed by Recro Topusko. It is a bicycle service station that uses solar energy to power its tools and services.

The station is capable of inflating tires, charging smartphones and has a toolbox that has everything for a quick mending and repairing of the bicycle. The station and tools are made of stainless materials and it is equipped with lights and is fully operational even during the night hours.

Croatia has an interest in evolving its cyclotourism so Recro Topusko took the opportunity to build something useful and was backed by Croatian National Tourist Board, Zagreb County Tourist Boar and 12 different local boards from various regions.