Red Bull Sidrun: Favorite Summer Water Polo Tournament Returns to Adriatic Coast

A combination of sports, sea, sun and fun- Red Bull Sidrun, after a one year pause, is returning to Adriatic Coast this August.

This, a slightly different, water polo is played 3 on 3 players on one goal: the players are amateurs, and the goalkeeper is the only professional in the game, who is also independent and defending for both teams. Matches last for only 10 minutes or until one team scores 11 goals and after 10 minutes the winner is the team who scored the most. Sport is very fun to watch and not easy to play. Short matches, small number of players and one goal make this type of water polo fast and tense.

Red Bull Sidrun started its first tour on the Adriatic coast in 2013, with a pause last summer, in four years it visited  Volosko, Rijeka, Zadar, Biograd, Šibenik and Dubrovnik. For three years the title was taken by the players from Dubrovnik which justified the title of their city as the cradle of water polo. In 2016, players from Split took the title, but we have to wait and see what will happen this year.

From August 12, starts the fifth Red Bull Sidrun Adriatic coast tour, and the first city scheduled for qualifying competitions is Opatija. After that, matches move to the island of Ugljan, then to Šibenik and Split, and finally to Dubrovnik, where a great finale will be played on 25 August.

Registration for Red Bull Sidrun has started and is possible at least 48 hours before the tournament, and the number of entries is limited. The winning team goes to Red Bull Cliff Diving in Mostar in September and can enjoy the attractive leaps in the Neretva River from the Old Bridge.


12 August – Opatija

16 August – otoku Ugljan, Kali

18 August – Šibenik

19 August – Split

24 August – Dubrovnik

25 August – Dubrovnik finale