‘Ribnjak’ Became the New Art Park!

The well-known art story of the Art Park from Tomićeva Street, moves to a new location during June and July, a beautiful green park located just near the city’s center – Ribnjak. This project will transform this city oasis into a small street art gallery in the open and a place of numerous music, film and sports gatherings.

The artistic project, which is, in the past three years, known among locals for transforming Tomićeva Street, into a favorite creative venue for numerous visitors during the summer months. This time they’ve decided to revive another location in the center of Zagreb. In the period between June 14 and July 21, 2019, the Ribnjak Park will become the destination for all Art Park enthusiasts.

The central meadow, right next to the children’s park, is redesigned into a place where you can find refreshments in the shade, play ping-pong, relax in the hammock swings, watch the movie, read a book, listen to a travelogue, play quizzes, practice yoga or enjoy a good spontaneous concert or a DJ session.

“This year, we decided to return the original idea of Art Park as a traveling project that contributes to the revival of different locations around the city with its artistic program. After the introductory spring event marking a one-day social gathering around the new Baba Luna‘s  wall painting in the small park in Plitvice Street, the Art Park arrived to the Ribnjak on June 14th. We invited various artists to help us paint the park, designed new solutions for a pleasant outdoor stay and with the help of Floraart, set up a special offer of summer cocktails and came up with the program that will consist of workshops, movie nights, talks, quizzes and the most important – pleasant summer gatherings” the Art Park organisation says.

A special treat are yoga classes each Saturday, starting at 9:00 AM at the Art Park Ribnjak.

Photos: Art Park by Domagoj Blažević