Screen on the Green vol. 7

One of the most favored and unavoidable events in Zagreb is the Screen on the Green. They are organizing projections on the green fields of Zagreb – Jarun, the field in front of NSB and Summer cinema Tuškanac.

Screen on the Green will be showing a selection of short and long movies every evening. The projections are starting on August 31st and will be organized (almost) every evening until 10th of October.

This year Screen on the Green brings news. First is the introduction of DCP (Digital Cinema Package) projectors – they offer few advantages over the regular digital projectors, like quality. The second was actually introduced last year and because it got great feedback will be an essential part of this festival also – photovoltaic system that collects suns energy during the day and turns it into video and music for the screenings.

Entry to the projections is free. Get more info at