Second Zagreb BeerYard Festival: The Best of Local and Foreign Craft scene

This time, the second BeerYard one-day festival is taking place on September the 2nd in the front yard of Klub Mochvara. It is no surprise that there are so many beer fests lately since so many exotic new breweries are opening its doors.

Croatian craft beer scene was something people talked about a year or so ago, it is not a surprise anymore to see the new names popping out and filling bottles with that refreshing beverage that is to be enjoyed.

Apart from Croatian craft beer scene, this installment of BeerYard will focus on foreign breweries as well. For example, there will be five beers from Spain and one from Estonia (most are still from Croatia, don’t worry :))

There will be some beer-focused educational content: 2 PM – Spanish

2 PM – Spanish beer scene, guests from Spain will present their products

4 PM – Crowdfunding Breweries with Pyry Hurula, co-owner of Sori brewing. He will talk about his own brewery and how he started it thanks to 500000€ from crowd funding campaign.

6 PM – craft brewers will present their drafts

It does not matter what kind of brew you like, if the beer is your weapon of choice in the beverages department, you’re all set for the weekend.

Enjoy the 2nd BeerYard festival!