Second Zagreb Guitar Festival Starts Today

For the second year in a row, Zagreb Guitar Festival brings together guitar players of all kinds, primary and secondary music school students, university students, professors and other guitar lovers from Croatia and the surrounding countries.

The festival is designed as a four-day event on various topics with the guitar as the main theme. It will be held from today until February 14th at the Student Centre in Zagreb.

Throughout the four days of the festival, participants will be able to attend the exceptional quality masterclassses, workshops, lectures, concerts and an exhibition of guitars and guitar accessories. In the afternoons, a workshop of orchestral music and a workshop of jazz & world music will be held for all participants of the festival (included in fees) and the evenings are reserved for the amazing classical and jazz music concerts.
Participants of the Festival, both active and passive ones, can choose from a wide range of programs that ZGF offers (included in fees), so they can organize their own day at the festival.
The Zagreb school of classical guitar has a great reputation worldwide. The idea behind the festival on one hand is to confirm the place Zagreb and Croatia have on the guitar music scene and on the other to inspire children in their desire to pursue music. Apart from maintaining continuity of the ZGF we want it to become one of the leading festivals in the region and in the broader area
The starting point of the festival is that through education, music and socializing with each other, each participant of the festival feels like an indispensable part of a major project. Rich content of the festival and a large selection of activities are caused by the desire that every guitarist feels invited to this manifestation and to mutually motivate and positively influence one another. The quality of the festival guarantees top lecturers, members of the jury and performers!

Here is the programme.