Secrets of Grič: Discovering the Zagreb’s Mysterious Side

According to NatGeo Traveller The Secrets of Grič tour is one of the best night experiences in the World. We’re talking about the interactive theatrical night tour of the Zagreb’s Upper Town intended for visitors and locals as well, who want to discover the historical and mystical side of the Croatian capital.

The night tour The Secrets of Grič is special for its evening term and costumed historical and fictional characters that represent the city’s history in a scenic and interactive way and guarantee visitors a new experience of famous locations. The tour is based on historical facts taken from the novels of Marija Jurić Zagorka, with plenty of mysteries and urban legends.

During an one hour walk along the streets and squares of the Upper Town, with the lantern in hand, visitors encounter Manduša, Nera and Siniša from Zagorka’s novel, and Petrica Kerempuh and his acting troupe which will play the story of a peasant uprising and Matija Gubec. There are also knights, a few witches, as well as various other characters and events from books and novels, interwoven into a seductive and mysterious story of the Upper Town.

The tour is played each Friday in Croatian and each Saturday in English, from May to September for the 10th year in a row!  For ticket info visit The Secrets of Grič.