‘Spot Gallery’ Annual Program

Zagreb’s Spot Gallery is offering a rich program throughout the whole 2020. The regular exhibition program begins already on Monday, February 17th with an exhibition by Ivan Buvinić named Safe House, and by the end of the year, six more exhibitions by local and international authors will follow.

Visitors will have the opportunity to attend a new international project by the Office for Photography named Not Yet Written Stories – Women Artists’ Archives Online. As part of the project, there will be held a group exhibition at the Spot Gallery that will address photographers and artists who have been working in Croatia since World War II. Under the name ‘Phony Smile. Language of photographic interpretation and aesthetic speculation’ , the Office for Photography will be visiting the Arton Foundation in Warsaw as a part of a program organized to mark Croatia’s EU Council Presidency EU2020HR. The exhibition will present works by artists belonging to the neo-avant-garde art practice, especially in the field of photography. The exhibitions will, as before, be accompanied by talks with artists, panel discussions and reading groups, and the continuation of the ‘Fotka u podne’ program is also planned.

Maša Bajc

The exhibition ‘Petar Dabac and the TD Archive’ will present the work of Petar Dabac and the program of the TD Archive Gallery, which are largely unknown to the public today. The Tošo Dabac Atelier and the TD Archive Gallery in Ilica 17 was one of the key places in the Zagreb cultural and artistic scene in the 1980s. This exhibition, as well as the accompanying studio monograph, aims to restore the memory of this cult space and to open up the subject of private gallery spaces that existed in Zagreb.