Spring in Andautonia & II. Experimental Archeology Festival

This and next Sunday (14th and 21st of May) the visitors will be able to visit the local area and participate in various workshops and playrooms in the name of second experimental archaeology festival.

You will be able to experience roman games, see bulls, ceramic vessels, oil lamps and jewelry, writing, roman fashion, little archeologists, roman fragrances and other. They will also be able to taste roman foods & drinks and attend the accompanying lectures about using various herbs for the production of scents in Roman time. Second experimental archaeology festival will show the results of the study of archeological heritage: from thread to fabric, the making of stone and metal axes, wooden objects, wall building and making bricks, demonstrating firefighting methods, ceramic balls – and what they were used for.

On May 14th there will be an open-air exhibition „Marcus Iuentius Primigenius“ and the exhibition „The amphibians of Turopolje“ and lectures „Genghis Khan and his influence on the modern world“ and „The secret history of the Mongolian women and queens“ will be held.

The archeological park is free for all visitors and pets are also welcome. The content is adjusted for blind people and partially sighted people and also for people with other disabilities, there will be a free transportation service twice a day from Zagreb (Zrinjevac – meteorological pillar) to Ščitarjevo:
11:30, 15:00 Zrinjevac – Ščitarjevo; 14:30, 18:00 Ščitarjevo – Zrinjevac