Start ’19 in Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb organizes the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture – Start ’19 on Sunday, January 27th from 11 am to 4 pm, just as in around 70 locations in 20 different European countries.

The central theme of the START’19 program at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb is meeting and getting to know artists and people interested in three-dimensional art. It is also a chance to explore artists’ portfolios and catalogues. The round table and specialized tours will be focused on a phenomenon of contemporary society which experts refer to as a society hungry for touch. The increasing presence of visual content and the inability to communicate by touch and achieve actual physical presence leads to alienation and being out of touch with society and the environment.

The program will include mindful physical and tactile experiences of artworks in the permanent display, guided tours by curators with an emphasis on Carsten Höller’s Double slide, the Ivan Kožarić Studio, the exhibition by Catalan artist Pep Vidal and the multisensory exhibition Josef and Anni Albers: Voyage Inside A Blind Experience. The program will include workshops for the public, a round table discussion with experts from the field of social sciences and humanities and documentary film screenings about Croatian sculptors in the Gorgona hall.


11 am presentation of sculpture network, welcome video, live photo wall

11 am – 1 pm showroom of artists’ catalogue and portfolio, meet and greet

1 pm – 2 pm round table discussion with experts from the field of social sciences and humanities on the topic A society hungry for touch

12 am – 2 pm specialized guided tours by curators and artists with an emphasis on physical and tactile experience

1 pm – 4 pm sculpture workshops for the public

2 pm – 4 pm documentary film screenings about Croatian sculptors, Gorgona hall