Streets Are Closing due to the Craziest Day in Croatia!

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This Tuesday in Zagreb will be everything but an ordinary Tuesday in the Croatian capital. The day when our city and we all with it (willingly or unwillingly) celebrate the Day of High School Gradates. On that day, the graduates from entire Zagreb (they do the same in every Croatian city) go out to the streets to mark the end of high school education. Each class gathers around wearing unique, custom made T-shirts made exclusively for this occasion, like in a competition. Each year the gathering begins at Ban Jelacic Square at 11.30. Happy young people start to celebrate quietly, but you must be careful because the tradition of this day, we call it Norijada (literary “crazy day”), is to do crazy things and pranks to everyone around. One year they carry flour, another something else – but it is crucial to throw something white all around you. Why? Because that day everything is allowed. So do not be surprised when you see a lot of young people having a bath in Mandusevac! They do that every year… if you want to escape that, better go to European square for a coffee – and stay there until noon or little later because then this ‘wild crew’ will move towards Bundek Lake, where the City of Zagreb organized a celebration for them.

The procession of graduates in Zagreb tomorrow will take the following route: Ban Jelacic Square – Praska Street – Nikola Subic Zrinski Square – Strossmayer Square – King Tomislav Square – Mihanovićeva Street – Miramarska Street – Vukovar Street – the Croatian Fraternal Union – V. Holjevac Avenue – Damir Tomljanović Gavran Street – Bundek.

Trams will stop or change their routes around 12 pm. The lines that pass through the central city square will be redirected to Praska Street. Lines 1, 6, 11, 12, 13, 17 and 14 will drive to the central station. Around 12:35 pm, tram traffic will be closed on Vukovar Street near Miramarska, during the passage of graduates to the Avenue of the Croatian Fraternal Union.

At the same time, buses will drive to Vukovar Avenue, Drziceva Street, and Dubrovnik Avenue, on their usual route. When the graduates approach the Freedom Bridge, buses will go to Slavonska Avenue, Drziceva, and Dubrovnik Avenue.