Strossmartre, 100 Days of Fun and Games

For those city souls that will be staying in Zagreb during the hot days of summer, or at least a few of those days, there will be some interesting events for you to enjoy. Summer on Strossmayer walkway (beautiful not too long walkway located in the old Upper Town) is definitely one of those.

Conveniently named Strossmartre, Stross walkway will be swarming with life from May 19th. Featuring around 100 days of fun and joy from early morning hours all the way into the night. You can expect open air concerts, exhibitions, creative workshops for younglings, elderly and all those in between, street performances, art installations, cinema under the night sky, fun competitions et cetera.

Phew, it is a long list indeed and for the complete experience, you will have to see it for yourself. Bring your loved ones and count on spending more than a few summer days on Strossmartre, because once you see it, you will probably come back for more =)

Strossmayer walkway, Upper Town, May 19th until 17th September. Cya!