Summer on Stross: Visit one of the most romantic promenades in the city!

Strossmayer Promenade is no doubt one of the most romantic promenades in our city. It is located right underneath Lotrscak Tower, leaning on the southern walls of the old town and in the deep shade of chestnut trees. The spot was a favorite place of a writer A. G. Matos which he has chosen as his resting place. His statue is still there – at Strosmayer’s promenade.

Every summer, for the last few years, in this slightly neglected part of the city, Zagreb street performers called Kraljevi Ulice (Kings of the Street) organise one of their street projects. The one placed and settled at the promenade is called Summer at Stross or ‘Strossmartre‘. It brings a bit of the Parisian spirit to Zagreb. A carefully designed musical programme, art installations integrated into the space, unusual and entertaining actions and prize contests for people and their pets, workshops and a theatre for little ones; a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere of the open-air cinema, painters and their canvases and a glass of excellent wine. This is the offer that citizens of Zagreb and their guests have been finding hard to resist for the last couple of years. This year Stross will happily live as Strossmartre for the entire 100 days from May 29 to September 2. We are sure you are going to have fun and love this place as much as we love it.

Summer on Stross