Summer in Samobor: Only 45 Minutes From Zagreb You Will Find Free Entertainment and Perfect Croatian Sweets

Summer in Samobor was never this exciting. This entire month, until the end of August, this small city, which is less than 30 minutes from Zagreb, offers plenty of free activities for everyone – kids, parents, the elderly, tourists… At four different locations, the Tourist Board of Samobor organised free cinema, workshops, concerts, parties and more. The entire programme is free of charge, so there are no more reasons to skip the event called Summer in Samobor.
But that is not the only thing why you should visit this small, fascinating place while you are in Zagreb.
Samobor is very famous because it is the home of delicious cake called Samoborska kremsnita or Samobor cremeschnitte, one of the two most popular variants of this cake. The hugely popular Samoborska kremšnita is characterized by having a puff pastry top, predominantly custard cream filling (less whipped cream) and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The classic recipe for Samoborska kremšnita is considered to be designed by Đuro Lukačić in the early 1950s, based on different earlier variants found in bakeries of Zagreb. But even today, it remained a secret.

You can also go hiking on the hills of Zumberak as Samobor is located west of Zagreb, between the eastern slopes of the Samobor Hills (Samoborsko gorje), the eastern part of Žumberak Mountain, in the Sava River valley. It is a part of the historical region of Croatia Proper. This town became a free royal city in 1242. It was a part of the Habsburg Monarchy once and later a part of Croatia. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Samobor was a district capital in the Zagreb County of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia. Today it is a small, very charming city with small wooden bridges, a river and lovely architecture. Each Ferbruary, Samobor becomes a home of a huge carnival (Samoborski fasnik). So whenever you come to Zagreb, you will find Samobor interesting. That means that Samobor can satisfy your interests whether you are a tourist, architecture and heritage lover, party animal or a foodie. Samobor is a small city with a big heart.


Many buses including Samoborcek will take you from Zagreb’s main bus station to Samobor. The trip lasts approximately 45 minutes, a one-way ticket is about 30 kuna.  Here is the schedule.