Support for the Oppressed: Croatian Photography Became a Viral Hit due to the War in Ukraine

Photograph from the Vukovar area by photographer Darko Kešnjer became a viral hit, unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine. It was also published by Victoria Beckham, on the occasion of yesterday’s International Women’s Day.
Darko’s photo of the yellow field and the blue sky above it has spread on social media in the last ten days due to the fact that the colors are incredibly reminiscent of the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

– This photo of mine was published on Instagram in support of Ukraine and its people in these difficult days of war. Overnight, it became a viral hit on social networks around the world and on many portals, and has so far reached more than half a million views. Not so long ago, we as a nation experienced our tragedy and we sympathize with Ukraine and know what they are going through. Let’s be united in solidarity and prayer for Ukraine – wrote the author Darko Kešnjer while publishing his photo.