How To Survive in Zagreb: I Am Leaving This City, But It Will Stay A Part of My Heart…Forever!

There are no words to describe the feeling when something comes to an end…something that I expected, waited, wanted, lived through. This is how I felt after the Games when we were done, and this is how I feel now that my EVS period is coming to and end. So many things have changed in my life, so the last post is dedicated to saying thank you…

I would like to thank you for the EUG Family to make this happened to me, to let me be a part of an incredible thing that was here in July. Because it was really over all of my expectation! I realized only at the Opening ceremony, all the work which we put together, all the time we spent together, all the people we met on the way, thank you for making me feel that I am capable of doing everything and to make me realize that heart believes mind achieves so much more than a slogan! It is an

It is an actual motto for life, maybe for everyone’s’ life!…so THANK YOU!

I would like to thank you for my friends, flatmates, Annamaria and Kasia, who were always by my side and helped me through a lot of things here… I know girls you see what I know that we know J, and I love you all and will miss you so much….but I’m not writing more, cause you are here, and you will realize my eyes start to sweat, and you will know what I know, and you shouldn’t know yet…so THANK YOU!

I would like to thank you for Walde to let me be the part of the group and showed me the way of how to be women and made me overcome my fear. Because I had it…And let me on stage, and make me believe that I can dance…so THANK YOU!

I would like to thank you for Parkour Škola members and to let me see that the entire World is a playground and I can and should and able to play everywhere and anytime in any weather and to show that how many things depends only on me…so THANK YOU!

I would like to say thanks for the rowing team for let me try out the competition, rowing life and make me get sold J even though I couldn’t come to Jarun that much…’oprosti,’ it was awesome. So THANK YOU!

And also I would like to thank you to JustZagreb to trust me to write this blog…so THANK YOU!

But the biggest thank you is for my family who believed me and handled my great ideas J and protected me even from a distance. Family is family, and I have the best one…so THANK YOU!

I could continue the list with soo, soo many things but all in all Zagreb and Croatia gave me so much that I can’t even list it….so THANK YOU ZAGREB, THANK YOU CROATIA!

…and if anyone would ever say anything that you Croatians don’t like… don’t worry a real Ninja is by your side. I mean it’s pretty old photo, but wine is also getting better with age… J.