The Sweetest Festival „Slatki Gušti“

Park Zrinjevac is soon to be swarming with little booths and visitors – too many to count. On the regular days, Zrinjevac is one of those spots that has its charm, but events like this one make it pleasantly filled, almost to a point where you can not move around freely.

Sixth consecutive year of The Sweetest Festival („Slatki Gušti“) brings many sweet surprises to Croatian metropolis. It will be held from 22 June to 2 July.  Small sweet booths will be offering sweet products from Zagreb’s best cake and sweet shops.

This year marks the first year of another event that will leave a mark on Zrinjevac too. Food blogging conference will be held and attended by famous food bloggers from all over the world. Some bloggers will then hold educational workshops on Zrinjevac, mostly about the preparation of desserts.

„Sweet picnic“ is also included. Some visitors will be able to enjoy delicacies prepared especially for them at Zrinjevac.

Apart from „Sweet picnic“, workshops and booths filled with sweets and sweet products, few interactive competitions will be held, all topped off with music evenings. Definitely, a place to stop by if you are walking the city!