Tabor Film Festival: Why You Should Visit Veliki Tabor and How To Get There

Photo: Julien Duval

The 14th Tabor Film Festival – International festival of short movies started yesterday. This year, the festival organizers prepared a rich accompanying program, filled with premieres and work from lesser-known cinematographies. TFF started yesterday and it will last until Sunday. In the next three days, visitors will watch many interesting movies, among those a retrospective of Ivan Salatić’s work, which will present one of the most exciting young directors from Montenegro. In cooperation with the European Film Academy, TFF brings you the best of last year’s shorts and in the particular program, the audience will be able to see student films made by students of the respected Finnish Film School ELO, at the University of Aalto.

And to shift the perspective of collective film watching and engage the audience, this year’s TFF organized the Sound & Vision and The Night of the Living Audience programs. That means that you will have the opportunity to immediately express your reaction to a certain film. A genuine horror from Zagorje which will be screened in the Zagorje Specialty program – focused on films inspired by Hrvatsko Zagorje – will also surely prompt a reaction.

This is a unique and different kind of party from everything you can find in Zagreb. If you are interested in shorts, good company, commenting and accompanying music program in Veliki Tabor, you can visit Tabor Film Festival until Sunday. Here is the programme, instructions on how to get there and explanation why You Should Go to Tabor Film Festival! 


Veliki Tabor is a castle and museum in northwest Croatia, dating from the 12th century. The castle’s present appearance dates back to the 16th century. Most of the castle was built by the Croatian noble family of Rattkay, in whose ownership it remained until 1793. It is located in the region of Zagorje near Desinić, 8 km (5.0 mi) west of Pregrada, 219 m (719 ft) above sea level. The castle interior has galleries with round pillars. There is a large well, 31 m (102 ft) deep, and a former wine cellar. The large hall is decorated with halberds. The castle chapel on the first floor contains the skull of the legendary Veronika of Desinić. Since 2002, Veliki Tabor has been the venue of an international festival of short films.


It will take you about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Zagreb to Desinic, where you can find many interesting things to see and explore. You can catch a local bus that goes from the Central Bus Station. Here is where you can find the schedule and prices, but keep in mind that you will need from 60 to 70 kuna for a one-way ticket. The festival tickets go for 125 kunas for all days. The ticket includes the entire movie and music program as well as staying in a camp located in the vicinity of Veliki Tabor. A daily ticket is 60 kuna, and their number is limited due to the capacity of the atrium of the castle. So now, when you have all these information, start planning your Tabor weekend.