Taekwondo Hall of Fame in Zagreb

On September 25th, at the 70-year-old Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb for the first time in Europe, the sixth in a series of ceremonies for admission of new laureates in the national taekwondo Hall of Fame was organized. Previous ceremonies were organized in 2007, 2009 in New York (USA) and in 2011.
By decision of The Taekwondo Hall of Fame, an international organization that gathers the leading men of taekwondo from the World Taekwondo Federation, International Taekwondo Federation and the World Taekwondo Alliance, during the ceremony, the President of The Taekwondo Hall of Fame, Dr. Gerard Robbins and former US taekwondo champion presented the decision of the Board in the category of “Pioneer Taekwondo Instructor” with which Ph.D. Dragan Primorac entered the Hall of Fame of taekwondo. This award is the highest that Taekwondo Hall of Fame grants to individuals who have contributed to the development of Taekwondo.
Among the many great taekwondo sportsmen, members of the Hall of Fame are Dong Keun Park and Kook Hyun Jung, the biggest Korean fighters and champions of all time. Organization headquarters are in New Jersey, with offices in Korea, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, India and Ireland. Ph.D. Primorac is linked to Taekwondo for more than 35 years; he was junior vice champion of the former state and the initiator of the WTF Taekwondo in South Croatia.
This biggest world recognition was also awarded to: the doyen of martial arts and one of the originators of taekwondo in Croatia Mr. Petar Mijic, former Minister of Science and Technology, initiator of the WTF Taekwondo in Dalmatia prof. Ph. D. Dragan Primorac, Vice Dean of Split Faculty of Kinesiology and sport and the founder of a number of clubs from which came many known coaches and world champions in taekwondo and a pair taekwondo, doc. Ph. D. Drazen Čular, current president of the Croatian taekwondo federation prof. Ph. D.. Franjo Prot, well-known lawyer and one of the holders of activities of the world ITF taekwondo scene Anto Nobilo and longtime commander of the special police units Slavko Jereb as a person creditable for development of taekwondo in Istria. In addition to these members listed in the Hall of Fame, a special award ‘Mr. Robbins’ was given to the instructors Tihomir Horvath and Branko Les.