Take a Look of ‘AROUND’: Art Interventions on the Streets of Zagreb

This week ‘AROUND/OKOLO’ brings new artistic stories to the streets of Zagreb. Art interventions include ceramic miniatures by Maša Barišić, an anti-stress poster by Pavle Kuharić, silk sculpture by Ida Blažičko, big floor mural by Boris Bare, a green interactive intervention Botanike and a light and landscape installation by Javier Riera.

In cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, ‘OKOLO’ continues to “refresh” the city with interesting ideas until September 1st. You can start this week’s walk in search of new urban interventions on Tomić Street, where you’ll find silk sculpture “Blossoms” by Ida Blažičko. Then, you can continue to the stairs leading to the funicular, and just by passing by, relieve stress thanks to the “Pop It” installation by Pavle Kuharić, and in Vitezović Street in the Upper Town, visit “Neighbors” by Maša Barišić.

If you are walking outside the very center of city, on the playground above Dubravkin put road, you will be greeted by a mural of Boris Bare, while “Botanike” will decorate the Main Railway Station and encourage passers-by to take action. Your Friday, Saturday and Sunday night you can spend in the company of Spanish master of landscape light installations Javier Riera, who will illuminate the treetops of Park Ribnjak.

Map of all of the art interventions of AROUND/OKOLO in Zagreb

Since August 17, when the second edition of ‘AROUND/OKOLO’ started, the streets of Zagreb are enriched with a variety of art installations and urban interventions, including the “Sleeping Giant” by French street art couple Elle & Pitr and numerous cute street miniatures by Michael Pederson. Pavle Kuharić and Mane Mei also left their trace with their interactive interventions. Thanks to Biljkoborci and  Voona, we can also find little green and wool interventions that, in conjunction with the city’s irregularities, have created nicer corners, walls, sidewalks … as well as a Book of Love Complaints where you can complain about love and turn a new page of your life. Boris Bare brought us back to the childhood with a balloon in Vlaška Street, and if you want to lie down on the grass and read a good book, you can always stop by the Vranicani Meadow bookstore.