Talco – A touch of Venice in Vintage Industrial Bar

When thinking about beautiful and romantic Venice, most of you probably have a picture of the famous historical centre in mind, with its canals, monuments and well preserved old buildings and antique shops. Apparently nobody thinks of the districts on the mainland, working class industrial suburbs, that don’t have much of the city centre beauty. One of those suburbs is Marghera, well known in Italy for one of the biggest Italian workers rebellion in newer history. It is the hometown of ska-punk band TALCO.

Although their Zagreb show was announced for April 2016, Talco has cancelled several shows on their European tour due to the illness of their two members. However, Talco didn’t want to disappoint their Croatian fans so they offered another date and they will play redemption show in Vintage Industrial Bar on 9th of June.

Founded as a ska band, Talco combines the horns and rhythms of ska-punk with Italian folk music, always true to their heritage of Italian singer-songwriters, especially when it comes to the lyrics. Their debut album “Tutti Assolti” was released in October 2004, followed by “Combat Circus” in 2006, which got positive feedback and placed them on stages of many prestigious European festivals. Step by step, they get more shows, made more contacts, friends and fans and also developed as musicians, a band, and individuals, which results in “Mazel Tov”, released in spring 2008. This record not only outsold their other releases in a short period, the band finally found their sound and line-up, and also the shows keep growing whether it was in Spain, Germany, Croatia or Italy. Talco is an antifascist and antiracist band, and all members of collective believe in music independence and fight against any discrimination.

Club opens at 20:00 and the concert is expected around 10 pm. Tickets are available on presale at Dirty old shop for 45 HRK or club entrance on the show day for 60 HRK. If you’re a fan of ska-punk music, dancing, or are looking to listen to something a bit different, then this is a band worth checking out.