We Present 10 finalists of the Univerzi-JA-DA project

The office of EUSA Zagreb hosted ten student teams who have qualified for the final phase of the project called Univerzi-JA-DA, yesterday. Every team qualified for the final round has won 10,000 HRK and the opportunity for further development and implementation of their projects that are going to be used during the European University Games in Zagreb and Rijeka, July 2016.
The project Univerzi-JA-DA seeks four winning projects in three categories: a mobile application for EUSA; promotion of Croatian culture and sports, and the Urban Zagreb project. The Ministry of Tourism will finance the realization of two winner-projects in the ‘Promotion of Croatian culture and sports’ category with the amount of 200,000 kuna; The City of Zagreb will fund the winning solution in the category of ‘Urban Zagreb’ (70,000 kuna), while the Association of European University Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 will ensure that every mobile application made for the Games will be used.
The primary goal of this project is to give students the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and to realize their innovative ideas.
With the help of their mentors, students will develop a plan by the end of 2015, and present their projects in January 2016.

The Finalists are:

Team: Andrea (Andrea Dujić)
Project: Hot and Cold Croatia
University of Šibenik

Team: LIGO (Ivona Mikulčić)
Project: Video produkcija Ligo
Faculty of Political Science Zagreb

Team: Limitless (Zoran Mičuda, Luka i Karko Knezić)
Project: #CROcultureSCULPTURE
Faculty of Agronomy Zagreb and Faculty of Economics Zagreb

Team: TEAM COCCOBALL (Ivo Brajlović)
School for menagement and design  ”Aspira”

Team: Hrkify (Ivan Orehovec)
Project: Feel EUG2016
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb

Team: INFINIUM (Marko Božac, Petar Šegina, Luka Perić i Stanko Krtalić Rusendić)
Project: Hrki mascot
Faculty of Economics Zagreb,Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb, Faculty of design.

Team: Komarci (Hrvoje Horvat, Andrej Hanzir, Nino Mihovilić, Sabo Barbara)
Project: Univerzijada 2016
Faculty od Economics Zagreb,Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Design.

Team: FUNOS (Nikica Grubešić)
Project: Maraton intelektualnih borbi
Faculty of Agriculture Osijek.

Team: INCLUDE (Ivan Mrvoš)
Project: Pametne klupe
FESB Split

Team: Udruga studenata Grada Zagreba (Luka Krznarić Matarić)
Project: All sides of Zagreb
Baltazar School