The 1st International Festival of Light and Street Artists in Makarska

The first International Festival of Light and Street Artists is going to be held in Makarska, a coastal town near Split, from November 9th to November 11th, 2018.

Program of the Festival will present new performing and visual artists, researching on performing potential of public space by using light, projection, music, theater, dance, performance, circus and other performing and visual forms. The initiative has a developmental, educational and non-profitable character. In addition to the festival repertoire, program brings series of art and craft workshops, presentations, open tables and public discussions held by international and local artists and activists.

The Festival was established this year, with a mission of bringing content into the void of alternative culture life in Makarska, connecting local and foreign artists, promotion of vanguard and experimental art and ethical and ecological life principles. It is organized by Makarska Vanguard (Makarska Avangarda) – an art collective that explores alternative forms of micro-politics, microeconomics and independent development of local art and creativity.