The 3rd Salon of Sparkling Wines

The 3rd Salon of Sparkling Wines was held at the Dubrovnik Hotel in the center of Zagreb, on Friday, February 1. There were 37 exhibitors at the Salon, mostly Croatian and Slovenian producers with several representatives of foreign sparkling wines. The salon was attended by 50 accredited journalists and about 400 visitors.

There were organized several workshops for visitors: the first was the regional “Croatia and Slovenia – Friendship in a Sparkling Glass” with the best sparkling wines of Zagreb Salon, moderated by Dr. Nina Levičnik, Network Coordinator, and prof. Marija Vukelić, Director of the Salon; the other was oriented on the champagne: “5th century young beauty – Gosset Champagne” (the oldest wine house in Champagne, from 1584), moderated by Suvad Suwi Zlatić, the best sommelier of Austria 2014.

At the very beginning of the Salon, the best-rated wines of Salon of Sparkling wines were proclaimed by nine  Croatian-Slovenian wine experts.