‘The Art of Feminine Leadership’ Conference in January

The second edition of the conference The Art of Feminine Leadership – the first conference in the region that promotes women’s leadership skills, will gather more than 500 women leaders on January 25th, 2019 at Branimir Center in Zagreb.

As many predict, the future of quality leadership and successful business lies in soft skills such as empathy, flexibility, transparency, reliability, patience and long-term thinking. Corporations and organizations that have built these leadership skills are predestined for success by fostering diversity. Therefore, the main purpose of this conference is to encourage participants to accept and develop soft skills that help workplaces, companies and the society as a whole to make progress and step forward into the future.

The conference will present seven major speakers from different areas of the economy, with a special emphasis on the IT sector, which is considered as a traditionally “male field”. The conference will also be attended by two international leaders – Stephanie Guyader, Director of Commercial Strategy and Growth in Europe Market Growth in Kellog and Helle Müller Petersen, President of Carlsberg Croatia, who will present their experiences and practices related to leadership and successful business operations on international markets.

The early bird tickets for the conference are available until 6th of December via mail [email protected].