The Art of Feminine Leadership Gathered 500 Leaders in Zagreb

The second edition of the first conference in the region that promotes women’s leadership skills – The Art of Feminine Leadership was held on Friday, January 25th at Branimir Center in Zagreb, and managed to gather 500 leaders from all over the world.

The full hall of the Branimir Center was a proof that the theme of leadership and the development of soft skills that help workplaces, companies and the society as a whole, are very interesting to leaders who enjoyed the rich program of this year’s conference. 

Helle Müller Petersen

The conference was opened with the lectures of four successful business women, leaders in the true sense of the word, who all managed to succeed in the men’s world thanks to the skills of quality leadership. Inspirational speech by Stephanie Guyader from the US company Kellog, Marija Felkel (Independent HR Specialist), Helle Müller Petersen (Carlsberg Croatia) and Gordana Nikolić (High Business School PAR) showed that these women are actually thinking in a very similar way. Each of them highlights the faith in oneself and the importance of having your own strong attitude and thinking.

Panel discussion

Although men are still prevalent in the most of the IT sector, three successful leaders Medeja Lončar (Siemens), Ana Spasojević (Nanobit) and Anita Cvetić Oreščanin (Poslovna inteligencija – Business Intelligence) are an example of women who are changing that rule. As part of the conference, two panels were held as well, discussing the creation of future leaders, the way to the top and the specific skills that the people in leadership positions should own. 

The conference was organized thanks to the portal and agency Shhhefica, supported by the LOL event agency and sponsored by about 50 brands, media partners and friends of the conference. We can already get excited for the next year’s conference!