The Beauty of Taiwan- Travelling Exhibition

Exhibition The Beauty of Taiwan – travelling exhibition – Europe 2018 will open on September 24, at noon in the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb.

The exhibition is a project in which Taiwanese artists gather to promote their art and culture. The theme of this year’s exhibition Beauty of Taiwan is “The Magnificent West meets the mysterious East”. Through the exhibited works of art and Taiwan’s traditional costumes, the artists tell us a story about the encounter of Western art and Taiwan culture. Authors of paintings are expressing themselves in the language of Western art – oil painting, but inspired with traditional Taiwanese motifs – landscapes and symbols of Taiwanese culture.

With many paintings, visitors will also be able to take a look at four Taiwanese traditional costumes – two women’s costumes of ethnic groups Amis and Atayal and two men’s of ethnic groups Rukai and Seediq.

The exhibition stays open until 3rd of October.