The City of Korčula to Become the 1st Island ‘Student City’

The City of Korčula and the University of Dubrovnik are in the process of concluding agreements on business cooperation, which will make the City of Korčula a location for the undergraduate study of Nautics, Shipbuilding and Business Economics – Tourism.

With this agreement on business cooperation, the City of Korčula will become an extended branch of the University of Dubrovnik, which is accordant with the development strategy of the City of Korčula and also fits with the Dubrovnik – Neretva County Development Strategy 2016-2020 to reach a higher level of education on the islands, educating the islanders, but also all other interested populations. The cooperation will begin with the academic year 2020/2021, and the City of Korčula will provide the University of Dubrovnik with all the necessary facilities for quality dislocated study programs.

With the realization of the cooperation, the City of Korčula will become the first island student city in the Republic of Croatia.