The Courtyards: Every Courtyard Has Its Own Story

Once again soulful event The Courtyards will offer to Zagreb locals and their visitors unique opportunity to peek behind the facades of some of the most beautiful palaces located at Zagreb’s Upper Town and experience the magic of these unique venues. This year manifestation starts on Friday, 13 July and lasts for 10 days, till 23 July.

In each courtyard you visit you can expect class urban entertainment, delicious snacks made by local chefs, refreshing drinks and, although The Courtyards isn’t a music festival, surprising number of superb music artists, performing anything from jazz and classics to pop.

This event has already confirmed its success by winning two prestigious awards for the most creative and innovative project in Croatian tourism and from the early beginning there are many superlatives following the project such as: “cool urban event with the soul”.

This year The Courtyards will be held on 7 magical locations. Some of them are already known to locals from previous events such as family Milovac private courtyard (Opatička 19), Erdody-Drašković Palace or National Archive in Zagreb (Opatička 29), Gvozdanović Palace at Visoka street number 8, also hit among visitors private courtyard at Radićeva 54 and Balbi Palace courtyard with the only one preserved pulley water well in the Upper Town located at Demetrova street 11. Of course, this year’s Courtyards will reveal some new locations: atrium of nobility’s convent school at Habdelićeva 1 and the first location located outside of The Upper Town – gorgeous Villa Ehrlich-Marić near Tuškanac Park.

The Courtyards are opened for visitors every day from 6 to 12 pm and the entrance is free. This is a great way to meet Zagreb’s Upper Town and enjoy its beauty and experience Zagreb like you’ve never before!