The Courtyards: Peek into the Hidden Corners of Upper Town

Otherwise inaccessible to the public, courtyards in Zagreb’s Upper Town will be open for ten days, for the sixth edition of the project The Courtyards/Dvorišta. From 12 to 21 July, 2019 visitors will be able to peek in the hidden corners with interesting past, which continue to live thanks to the current inhabitants or institutions taking care of them.

Each year the organizers open new historical courtyards to the public, so last year for the first time one courtyard which is not situated in the Upper Town opened its door to the visitors. Therefore, it is certain that visitors will encounter many surprises this year as well.

This event sparks off a lot of interest among visitors each year because it allows them to enter spaces that are otherwise inaccessible to the public. Whether they are privately owned or a property of historical institutions of the Upper Town, for this occasion courtyards are decorated and entertaining activities are added. These include suitable and carefully selected concerts and catering services which allow visitors to enjoy authentic historical spaces and atmosphere.

The courtyards remain open from 18 to 24 during the event, and the entrance is free of charge.

Photo source: Dvorišta/The Courtyards