The Croatian Language

The official standard language in Croatia is CROATIAN, spoken by more or less 5 million Croats on the mostly compact area of Croatia, plus around 1.5 million Croats worldwide. The Croatian alphabet consists of 30 letters.

Although Croats are taught English in school from a very early age and most people in Croatia will speak at least one language other than English, we are confident that it will always be very rewarding to endeavour to speak at least a few words of the local language.

A simple “HVALA” (Thank you) or “MOLIM” (Please) will instantly bring out a smile – regardless of who you are talking to – the lady in the shop or the waiter in the restaurant!

Sretno! – Good luck!

J = like a “ Y “ in yet
Č = like a “ CH “ in chocolate
Š = like a “SH “ in sharp
Ž = like “ J “ in French “jour“

Good morning – Dobro jutro
Good day ( afternoon ) – Dobar dan
Good evening – Dobra večer
Good night – Laku noć
Goodbye – Doviđenja
Hi / Hello – Zdravo

One – Jedan
Two – Dva
Three – Tri
Four – Četiri
Five – Pet
Six – Šest
Seven – Sedam
Eight – Osam
Nine – Devet
Ten – Deset
Hundred – Sto
Thousand – Tisuću

Thank you – Hvala
Thank you very much – Puno hvala
Please – Molim
Sorry! Excuse me! I beg your pardon! – !Oprostite Ispričavam se
How are you? – Kako ste?
Fine, thank you – Dobro, hvala
Yes – Da
No – Ne

Illustration: Shutterstock Images LLC