The electrician from the south in the world of balloons!

Ivan Njire, 22-year-old Cavtat citizen, is certainly doing a very impressive job. He and his girlfriend Ana have integrated work with their hobby by creating their own House of Balloons. And this is how the story goes… This student of electrical engineering started the business with his girlfriend six months ago.

‘Long story short, we do everything that has anything to do with balloons. We twist and produce figurines on the street; decorations for all kinds of occasions: business, private, weddings, various celebrations and events, which is the primary focus of The House of Balloons! Also, we are doing the balloon drop – which is balloons falling from the ceiling, and balloon release – release of the helium-filled balloons in the air, says Ivan. Their idea was born by accident, explains Ivan.
‘When I came to Zagreb from the South, from Dubrovnik, I stopped doing all the things I have been doing in my hometown – riding unicycles, juggling and so on. I was looking for something different. The final idea of balloons came from Ana, says the creative student from Cavtat, which turned his hobby into a real business.
‘Currently we live in Zagreb, but if necessary, we can work throughout all of Croatia, including Dubrovnik. You can find us at festivals; the first of them is in my beautiful hometown, Cavtat.
House of ballons