The First Ever OFFTIME Festival

Music and gastronomy festival OFFTIME is for the first time ever taking place 24-26 May 2019 at Aquarius Club located on the Jarun Lake in Zagreb. The festival will integrate various music genres and activities to create a collision of subcultures, with the goal of creating an open-minded and free-spirited vibe.

As the manifesto of the festival says: “It is okay to feel the need to reset yourself and reclaim your life energy. The best way to do it is to disconnect from the everyday and enter a loose carefree state. We’re seeking to find a way for constructive well-being and destructive hedonism to coexist. We will attempt to do this by presenting and coupling extraordinary, motion-inducing music, with healthy, high-energy food & drinks.”

For more information about the lineup, program and tickets visit Offtime Festival web.