The Ilica Project: Q’ART

The Ilica Project: Q’ART deals with the transformation of abandoned public spaces in the center of Zagreb, in its main street, Ilica. The goal is to change the urban experience in the long term through the social activities of artists, associations, universities, crafts and citizens within the community. This year’s Q’ART takes place 7-9 June.

The main theme and artistic concept of the project is sustainable future, which includes all artistic and social tactics for responsible reflection on the future, justice, freedom, quality and dignity of life. All this while respecting community and nature, through artistic perception, preservation of humanity and justice to nature.

Some of the highlights of this year’s program include jazz and DJ concerts in the garden of Academy of Fine Arts this evening and the ‘upcycling second hand fashion show’ tomorrow at 11:30 am.

To take a look at the whole program of the Ilica Project, please visit their website.