The Sixties in Croatia: Myth and Reality

The Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts invites the public to the newly opened exhibition The Sixties in Croatia: Myth and Reality, providing an overview of social state and movement from that turbulent period.

Exploring the period from 1958 to 1971, the exhibition covers areas of architecture, art, culture, design, film, literature, music, photography, theatre, along with a few others. It was a decade marked by major political, economic and cultural shifts worldwide which impacted Croatia and brought economic prosperity. The exhibition also dives deep into popular culture of the period with music festivals, vinyl records, jeans and mini-skirts, rock’n’roll, the sexual revolution, and other popular moments and movements of the 60s in Croatia.

The Sixties in Croatia: Myth and Reality is opened to the public from April to October 2018. The exhibition will regularly host supporting events including educational programmes, lectures, roundtables, concerts, films, and presentations relevant to the 1960s.

For more information visit the Museum of Arts and Crafts webpage.