The World’s Most Beautiful Woman Visited Zagreb

The current Miss of Tourism, Colombian Andrea Gutierrez visited Croatia last week. Beautiful Gutierrez visited our country to officially announce that Croatia is a host of next year’s election for the World’s Miss of Tourism.

In the spring of 2019 Croatia will host the big spectacle and welcome more than 60 Misses of Tourism from all over the world. The election for Miss of Tourism is being held every year since 1989 and after Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela, Croatia got the honor to host this big event thanks to the organizer of Miss of Tourism election in Croatia Boris Kosmač.

Gutierrez was thrilled with the beauties of Zagreb and especially with the Croatian gastronomy. “You have a beautiful country, I’m overwhelmed with the beauties I’ve seen. Gastronomy is amazing and I’ll have to come back just to try ‘štrukle’ once again. I’m more than happy to come back to Croatia in the spring” explained the most beautiful woman of the world.