Exit Theatre Awarded: “Njuške” the Best Play at the International Festival in Banja Luka

Theatre play Njuske (Snouts) by Zagreb Theatre Exit won Best Theatre Play at the International Festival for Young Actors Zaplet 07 in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The show, directed by Marko Raguz, won with a unanimous decision. It features a constant level of acting and transformation, which highly contributes to the impression and quality of the whole show.

The play Njuske encourages the audience to reflect on the world from a different perspective – a dog’s perspective. It is based on CJ Johnson’s text ‘The Dog Logs’ about man’s best friend and its thoughts, problems, feelings… It reminds us that a dog’s life is just as rich and complex as ours – like us, they communicate about love, sex, friendship, revenge, violence. The show describes fifteen characters through their monologues. A Rottweiler talks about his problems in the neighborhood; an old mongrel about how he had discovered love in later life; an Afghan Hound will show the audience his tricks; a police dog explains how to fight crime; a Croatian Shepherd has a problem with his herd; an aged, blind dog deals with the death of his master, and a beagle with his attitude.

All the characters reflect the preoccupations of human beings, which makes this play is a unique blend of humor, tragedy, sharpness, tenderness and romance.

You can see it at the Exit Theatre in Zagreb.

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