Three Great Concerts in Zagreb (Depending On Who You Ask)

Let’s call it a division of labor for the pop stars, as it’s very unlikely that all three great concerts that will happen in Zagreb this week will attract the same crowds, but fair is fair, all the artists performing are huge in their own little parts of the pop cultural world.

Kicking of the triple whammy is the Canadian pop megastar Justin Bieber, who’ll perform in Arena center on Wednesday, November 9th. Justin Bieber’s popularity is not as big here as in the rest of the western world, but is such a global phenomena that almost everyone will go and see him, teen or not. Add to this all the announcements of tourist from all over Europe heading to Zagreb to check him out, and you have yourself a grand ol’ event that would be amiss to miss. Ticket’s can still be found, albeit scarcely with ticket peddlers rubbing their hands for all the profit margins coming their way.

A day after, on Thursday, November 10th, Placebo will play at Dražen Petrović sports hall (next to Cibona tower). A band most bielibers are probably too young to know or care about are a great pop antipode for those that want a bit more substance in their music but still provide a lot of energy at their concerts.

Taking a break for a few days, an avid concert goer in Zagreb will most definitely head out to a Tricky and Skilled Mechanics gig at Tvornica kulture club on November 14th. Tricky, most prominent as the trailblazer for trip hop and for his collaborations with Massive Attack, explicitly wanted to return to Zagreb for another gig in 2016, having one in January at Močvara club.

From straight pop to a more niche mainstream, Zagreb will have a treat for all concert goers these days.
You can buy tickets for each concert HERE, HERE and HERE.