Tips for Highway Users for the Upcoming Holidays

Christmas and New Year holidays are in front of us and many people use this time of the year to travel. Just as every year during the Christmas time, intensified traffic is expected on all highways.

The heaviest traffic is expected on the A3 highway Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac, A1 Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik and A6 Rijeka-Zagreb as well as on the toll stations Lučko, Zagreb-east, Saint Helena, Bregana, Lipovac and Vrata, and around Jankomir and Buzin on the Zagreb bypass. To avoid waiting at toll stations, it’s better to use credit cards or to prepare tiny cash for tolls.

Croatian Highways send notice to all drivers to drive cautiously, adjust their ride to the current weather conditions, check the road conditions before travelling and remind you that the winter equipment is required on all highways regardless of weather conditions.