“Traces of Mummy” at Zagreb Archaeological Museum

On Friday, August 31,  at 6 pm, at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, the lecture “Traces of mummy – Presentation of the latest paleoradiological researches on canopy vases from the Zagreb Archaeological Museum” Dr. Frank Rühli, and Dr. Mislav Čavka will present the latest research results.

In the Egyptian department of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb there are preserved canopies, a part of the graves of the ancient Egyptians, named after one of the Nile River divisions. The internal organs removed during the mummification were deposited in the canopies, and the whole procedure was aimed at releasing the soul from the body. 

Paleoradiological researches were conducted on four canopies from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, where mummified human remains were found, comparing three standard radiological methods with X-ray, CT and magnetic resonance imaging.

One of the speakers Frank Rühli, Dr. med., is the director of the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich, co-founder of the Swiss mummy project and the world’s leading expert in researching mummy and mummified remains. The other speaker is a Croatian, Mislav Čavka Dr. med, radiologist at Dubrava Clinical Hospital. He has received a PhD in RTG and CT research from human mummies from the old Egyptian collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.