Two Perspectives of the Same Motif: Exhibition Diobanaoba

Diobanaoba exhibition by Mia-Maria Škoda and Nikolina Japunčić opens on Monday, March 11th at the Greta Gallery in Zagreb (Ilica 92) at 8 pm.

The project Diobanaoba is specific because two artists paint the one half of the same motif, each through her own perspective and then they bring together two halves so that the left side by Nikolina Japunčić and right side by Mia-Maria Škoda make a whole. The main motif of all paintings is the City of Dubrovnik with its recognizable parts. 

The exhibition consists of twelve paintings on canvas of different dimensions and a video. The theme of the video is also complementary just like the paintings. Through the narrative of the verses and words of famous writers, poets and artists of Dubrovnik, the motifs that appear in the video are either recognizable for Dubrovnik or are less recognizable but have a personal meaning for the authors. The video and narrations performed by young Dubrovnik actors Nikola Sekulo, Leo Mrkić and Joško Gverović, are accompanied with the music of the Dubrovnik band Feredon and are in the tone of an experimental project which for the authors themselves represents a deeper vision of their own birth place.

Mia-Maria Škoda and Nikolina Japunčić are both born in Dubrovnik, they have both obtained a bachelor’s degree at the Institute for Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli in Florence and a Master’s degree at the Department of Art and Restoration, University of Dubrovnik (direction: paper). Their Zagreb exhibition stays open till March 15th 2019.